3 And Out: NFL Week 4 Preview

Welcome to 3 And Out where we take a look at three of the biggest games from the upcoming week. We get Week 4 of the new NFL season going with a matchup of what might be two of the most brutal losses in Super Bowl history teams as the 3-0 Atlanta Falcons host the 2-1 Buffalo Bills. It has been a long time since the Bills sniffed the post season, but they’re playing some pretty good football, and the Falcons don’t seem to have any Super Bowl hangover at all but will have their talons full on Sunday. Up next is a classic AFC North battle as the 2-1 Baltimore Ravens host the 2-1 Pittsburgh Steelers. With both teams coming off of head scratching losses, getting a win in this bitter rivalry will definitely get one of the teams feeling a lot better about themselves. And last but not least another sick Divisional game as the 2-1 Minnesota Vikings host the 2-1 Detroit Lions. The Lions were inches and seconds away from moving to 3-0 last week, but unlike Pony Boy, they couldn’t stay Golden. The Vikings looked great on both sides of the ball, but could look even better if Sam Bradford is able to play. So much NFL goodness. Get your fix right here with Casey and Dave as we go 3 And Out!

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