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The TrendZone: Week 3 2014


Hello friends, and welcome to the Week 3 edition of  The TrendZone. Each week on The TrendZone we give you our expert opinions and analysis of the top trending stories in the NFL. Here at the Football Radio Show we’ve been very focused on the new season, but there is a big time problem with players off the field that has needed to be addressed for quite some time. Casey and Dave talk disciplne and due process. Trending next is the supposed overhaul of the replay system and added emphisis on defensive penalties, The NFL went 0-2 on both these during Week 2. For a lot of super stars, Week 2 was very unkind. Some big time injuries will be altering not only fantasy football rosters but reality as well. It wouldn’t be football season if Robert Griffin the Third wasn’t one of the most trending topics, yet he is trending due to another injury. Casey and Dave talk quarterback controversy in the nation’s capital. Hope springs eternal every September, but by the time Week 2 wrapped up there were 7 winless teams. 0-2 isn’t a playoff death sentence, but  it is anything but ideal. there are three winless teams that made the playoffs in 2013. Casey and Dave tell you which ones will still make the 2014 Playoff cut. Buckle up, because now we ride.It’s time to enter “The TrendZone”.

3 AND OUT: Week 3 2014

Here at The Football Radio Show, we don’t believe in such a thing as too much football. If it’s only Tuesday, and you are already getting ready for Sunday, then you speak our language. We don’t believe that is ever too early to start getting pumped up for next week’s NFL action. If you’re like us, and constantly looking for that next football fix, then you are definitely in the right place, so welcome home. Football Radio Show’s Casey and Dave always run the prevent defense. As in, we prevent you from having to go without football.  Welcome to 3 AND OUT. The show that takes an early look ahead at the biggest games from the upcoming week. We get the early lines and the early information to you the people post haste. So plug in, get fired up, and hit that Football Radio Show goodness. Last week Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates hooked up for three touchdowns as the San Diego Chargers  upset the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. This week the Chargers are on the road facing the undefeated Buffalo Bills. For the Dallas Cowboys it is Demarco Murray’s favorite team to play, as in the St. Louis Rams. Both teams are 1-1 looking to get above 500. We also take a look at an NFC North battle as Matthew Stafford and the 1-1 Detroit Lions  host Aaron Rodgers and the 1-1 Green Bay Packers.  The Pack have owned the division for the last few years so there is a lot riding on this game for the Lions. Perhaps the biggest  game on the Week 3 slate if not the biggest game of the season is a Super Bowl XLVIII rematch. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks host Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.  The Super Bowl was all Seahawks as they crushed the Broncos 43-8. Peyton and the boys visit The 12th Man with one thing on their minds, revenge. The Football Radio Show will get you primed and ready on this episode of 3 AND OUT.

The Sunday 6-Pack Week 2

Casey and Dave of The Football Radio Show are bringing the people a six pack of the tastiest NFL stories from Week 2 of the 2014 Season. It’s time for The Sunday 6-Pack. We’re not the suits that talk football, we’re the dudes that KNOW football.

The Gameplan: Week 2


Welcome to “The Gameplan”. Each and every week Casey and Dave and The Football Radio Show gather the most insider information to let you know who is going to come out on top on NFL Sunday.  Week 2 of the 2014 NFL Season kicks off with an AFC North battle as the Baltimore Ravens host the Pittsburgh Steelers. This has become one of the best rivalries in all of football with the Ravens in much need of something to feel positive about, a win would just what the doctor ordered. Some other huge match ups on the Week 2 slate. There are three games featuring undefeated teams going head to head, starting with a cat battle in Charlotte. Cam Newton looks like he will be healthy enough to start when his Carolina Panthers host Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions. Another game featuring undefeated teams is also a clash for 1st place in the AFC East. EJ Manuel and the Buffalo Bills host Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins. Both teams scored upset wins in Week 1, but a piece of the division lead will only continue for one team moving forward. The last of our undefeated action features the Cincinnati Bengals hosting the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams have strong quarterbacks and each possess one of the best young recievers in the game. The Falcons with Julio Jones and the Bengals with AJ Green. We know this much, the Jungle will be rocking come Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, The Week 2 edition of Sunday Night Football features Levi’s Stadium first prime time appearance when the San Francisco 49ers host the Chicago Bears. Week 2 finishes real big when Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts host Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles, however the Colts don’t look to be too hospitable to Phily. Casey and Dave do all the dirty work so you don’t have to. So plug in the beats, get fired up, and rejoice people! It’s Week 2 in the NFL, And now it’s time to instal “The Gameplan”.

The TrendZone: Week 2 2014


Hello friends, and welcome to the Week 2 edition of  The TrendZone. Each week on The TrendZone we give you expert opinions and analysis of the top trending stories in the NFL. Unfortunately for the NFL the complete awesomeness of Week 1 has been overshadowed by an extremely unfortunate and reprehensible story that has shown no sign of slowing down. The act of domestic violence committed by Ray Rice has dominated all media outlets since the release of the video has gone viral. The hope is that now some good can come out of this situation and some actual work can be done rid the NFL of this problem once and for all. Now let’s get back to football! Here at the Football Radio Show we were very concerned about the impact that the new emphasis on defensive penalties would have on the regular season. While we didn’t see the games bogged down with dirty laundry as much as the preseason, the numbers tell a different story. There are seven new head coaches in the NFL this season and on our next stop in the TrendZone we look out how these new coaches did in Week 1. Half of the teams in the NFL came away from opening week with a win, that means half of the league lost their opening games. Casey and Dave take a look at some of the teams that are facing an 0-2 start. We let you know which teams we think might be in trouble and which teams will right the ship. Last but not least, if you scored a top 3 pick in your fantasy league, you were pretty stoked. However if you used said pick on Lesean “Shady” McCoy, Adrian Peterson, or Jamaal Charles, you might not think that pick was so groovy. We will let you know if it is time to look to make a blockbuster trade, or just chill. Remember, it’s only one week. So it’s time to come along on a ride like no other. It’s time to enter “The TrendZone”.

The Sunday 6-Pack Week 1 2014

Casey and Dave of The Football Radio Show are bringing the people a six pack of the tastiest NFL stories from Week1 of the 2014 Season. We’re not the suits that talk football, we’re the dudes that KNOW football.